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For the past 25 years, I’ve nurtured new ideas, created policy, built businesses, and inspired change. From the White House to founding a start-up business, I’ve been focused on using the power of the market to address the climate and energy crisis.

In 2007, I invented Property Assessed Clean Energy — now an $8 billion industry and one of Scientific American magazine’s top 20 “world-changing” ideas. PACE provides 100% financing for clean energy projects, which is then repaid as a line-item on the property tax bill.

Today, I am the proud CEO of OhmConnect where we pay people to save electricity when the grid gets overloaded, dirty, and expensive. Together, OhmConnect members regularly reduce enough energy to turn off three natural gas power plants. 

Time is short.  Let’s work together to save the world . . .

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America’s become a global leader in clean energy and the fight against climate change. A big reason why is the incredible progress of a new program called PACE. 

Barack Obama

President of the United States

PACE has been responsible for huge gains in energy efficiency, solar installations and safety improvements in California’s housing and commercial building stock.

Nancy Skinner

State Senator (D-California)

OhmConnect and its engaged customers played an important role in helping California manage the extreme heat storm and keep the lights on.

David Hochschild

California Energy Commissioner

PACE is a no-cost to taxpayers, no-mandate, consumer opt-in approach to bringing clean energy technology to homeowners and businesses.        

Adam Hasner

Former House Majority Leader (R-Florida)

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How the U.S. can build a carbon-free electric grid

How the U.S. can build a carbon-free electric grid

The U.S. electric grid is an impressive but outdated system. Designed for a world that runs on fossil fuels, it caters to a network of giant energy producers, and the consumers dependent on them. But a greener world demands a more distributed system, where individuals or companies can generate, store and resell power.

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“People Power” at its Best: Resi-Station

“People Power” at its Best: Resi-Station

When most of us hear the words “power plant”, it conjures up images of old industrial smokestacks. OhmConnect is going to change that. In the future, when you hear someone talk about a power plant you will also think of your home, your appliances, your solar. In short, you’ll think of something like Resi-Station, the “virtual power plant” that OhmConnect is launching in January of 2021.

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California’s Rolling Blackouts are Unnecessary

California’s Rolling Blackouts are Unnecessary

Even as California increases its use of renewable energy, the state continues to rely heavily on dirty, expensive power plants to meet the demand for energy when it hits its peak in the early evening hours. As we’ve seen, when demand for electricity exceeds all supply, utilities can be forced to shed load by rotating neighborhoods through blackouts.

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San Jose Mercury News

“Every once in a while, somebody in government comes up with an idea so brilliant that everyone else ought to copy it. Cisco DeVries, chief of staff to Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates and a former official in the Clinton administration, dreamed up one of those just-gotta-have-it notions.”