I spent the last decade trying to solve a simple, but devilishly difficult, problem: how do we pay for the rapid de-carbonization we need to do in our buildings? While we have not solved the climate crisis, the availability of capital for energy retrofits and renewable energy has never been better. I am very proud that both the PACE model and Renew Financial have played an important role in that success. 

For more than the last 10 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Jeff Tannenbaum. He has become a great friend, collaborator, and mentor. Jeff first called me one morning when I was still at the City of Berkeley. Even though he was running a large and successful investment fund at the time, he’d heard about my idea to finance energy retrofits through a line item on the property tax bill and wanted to help. Since then, Jeff has been a PACE champion — not only did he found the non-profit PACENation, he also came up with the PACE name. In addition to his PACE work, Jeff chaired and helped build the nation’s largest private solar utility, sPower.

I am very excited to be joining Jeff at his new endeavor, Titan Grove which provides capital and strategic guidance to grow impact-oriented for-profit businesses. As the Entrepreneur in Residence, I will spend the coming months researching the big problems we face in addressing climate change and the transition to clean energy. We hope to find a new transformative solution that we can scale together. This could involve helping to scale an existing business or starting a new one. Or perhaps a different tack that we haven’t envisioned yet.

For more information on the Entrepreneur in Residence concept, read this article in Forbes.

Please reach out to me directly with any ideas, products, business plans, crazy schemes, or just to brainstorm.

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